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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Season 2, Episode 7 - Spameritanlish

A couple of new managers are in town, and so NPLP follows suit by installing Jack as their interim presenter (Bill has not been sacked, he was busy in Canterbury trying to learn how to be funny).

Jack is joined by Sam and Dec and they make sense of all this weekend’s Premier League action. The pod also welcomes back on to the show ESPN’s Spanish correspondent Dermot Corrigan. He tells us whether he thinks the La Liga title race is over, players he’s been impressed with so far this season in Spain this season and he gives us the lowdown on the AndalucĂ­an sides (Sevilla, Betis and Malaga).

After Joey Barton’s hilarious French accent, NPLP finds its most memorable footballers with foreign accents.

And, find out who wins Reeder’s Teasers – a game based upon categories and their unique answers - in a “heavyweight clash” between Sam and Dec.

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