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Saturday, 29 October 2011

NPLP Bursts Onto The iTunes Store!

We're pleased to announce that NPLP podcast is now available for your listening on iTunes!

We would be very grateful if you could review and star rate our podcast on the iTunes store by following this link: http://tinyurl.com/65bo2vw.

Once again, thanks for your support!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Episode 2 - An Angry Puppet

The boys return this week to talk Manchester, comebacks and of course, take a closer look at their newly adopted club, NK Maribor.

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Videos for Episode Two.

Check out all the videos from Episode 2 by clicking 'Read More' below.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Episode 1 - Emile Beckenbauer

Not Premier League Proven's debut episode sees the boys discuss all the action from the weekend, find the 'Top 3' Dutch players to have played in the Premier League and of course, think critically about Emile Heskey's supposed new position.

We are using new technology this week so at times we experienced some editing difficulties. This will be improved as the weeks go on.

(After some hardcore googling we have discovered that NK Maribor are in fact from Slovenia, not Sweden, but of course you already knew that didn't you! Sorry for any incovenience none the less).

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Heskey shows Beckenbauer how it's done...

Youtube saves the day by showing how good NK Maribor really are...

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Introducing Not Premier League Proven Podcast

Not Premier League Proven (NPLP) is the brand new podcast created by six journalism students at the University of Kent who all share one thing in common – a love of football.

Every week Josh Morl, Declan Olley, Jack Reed, Dan Sampayo, Sam Thompson and Bill Topping (the anchorman) will bring you their views on the beautiful game; from Premier League matches to performances of the week.

We have no budget (like Everton), no previous experience (like Swansea) but high expectations (like Manchester City). What could possibly go wrong?

We can’t name you the all-time top goal scorer for Borrusia Mochengladbach and we don’t know who plays left back for Levski Sofia. We’re only human!

But just like Adel Taarabt this season, you can expect the same things from us as we try to prove ourselves among the big boys; arguments, inconsistency, sulking if things don’t go to plan but also the occasional moment of sheer brilliance.

We hope you enjoy our podcast as well as support it by using any of the below:

Introducing Bill Topping a.k.a. The Punmeister

Sketch By Claire Orme
Bill Topping has always wanted to have an  influence in the medium of sports radio and his decision to take up the anchorman role in the podcast could make or break his career because he is going to have a tough time keeping a lid on things!

As a West Country boy, Bill had little to do apart from sitting at home and thinking of puns as well as watching the Villa and playing with his Emile Heskey action figure.

Sipping on a cup of tea, Bill will no doubt enrich the podcast’s content with his overall football knowledge.

Introducing Sam Thompson a.k.a. The Tractor Boy

Sketch By Claire Orme

“When Ipswich beat Inter Milan...” get used to this habit of clinging onto past glories because Sam Thompson lives in the past. Though you would do if you were an Ipswich Fan.

Fortunately for Sam his bubbly personality means Ipswich never gets him down and his persistent humour is sure to put a smile on your face.

What you will never unfortunately see is Sam’s dancing where he specialises in the sprinkler, frying pan and tractor. It is a sight to behold!

Introducing Dan Sampayo a.k.a. The Lazy Boy

Sketch By Claire Orme
After watching many episodes of high quality television, such as Made in Chelsea, Dan secretly wishes that it was real and he could be the lead role.

Terrible television isn’t his only passion as he is a huge Tottenham fan and has a strange obsession with Jermaine Defoe. We don’t know why either!

Dan spends most of his time horizontal and rarely moves. The only reason he gets up is to do the podcast, watch the match and have a pint.

Introducing Declan Olley a.k.a. The Essex Boy

Sketch By Claire Orme

Being from Essex, Dec does have a slight comb over, he does do his top button up on his polo but he does not endorse fake tan.

As a Tottenham season ticket holder Declan has a passionate view on both domestic and European football.

He is also the man amongst a group of boys in the Fifa 12 NPLP team. However he should do, considering how much he plays it.

Basically, a world without football is a world without Dec.

Introducing Josh Morl a.k.a. The Angry Boy

Sketch By Claire Orme

Josh Morl first introduced himself to the group not through football but through a strange fact. He announced to us that South Korean broadband runs at 200MB. Luckily he is more interesting than this.

Another Essex boy, he is a furious young man, probably because he is an Arsenal fan.

Regularly banging his fists on the table and constant moaning means you don’t really know what to expect when Josh is around.

Introducing Jack Reed a.k.a. Clark Kent

Sketch By Claire Orme

Jack Reed really could have replaced Christopher Reeves as Clark Kent but unfortunately his talents do not lie in the film industry.

A through and through Hereford United fan, so much so that his middle name, Edgar, is where they play their home games.

But just like Emmanuel Adebayor, Jack is not a one club man. A big Arsenal fan, he is a total statto with a fountain of useless knowledge stored in his big head.