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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Talent Spotter: The Rolls-Reus of Germany

 By Declan Olley

   It’s so predictable what happens when a young player has a flying start to the season for a club that is seen beneath the elite.

They become Europe’s most sought after player. They are wanted by the Bayern Munich’s and Manchester City’s of this world. They will be offered double or even treble the wage that they are currently on.

Well that’s what’s happening to Borussia Monchengladbach’s Marco Reus. No sooner has he scored eight goals in 12 games he is Bayern Munich’s and Manchester City’s main target.

There is no doubt though, that the 22 year-old deserves this attention. He has been the driving force behind a fresh Monchengladbach outfit that currently sit fourth in the Bundesliga.

Playing off of the right Reus, or “Rolls Reus” as he has been dubbed in Germany, has two good feet and is particularly effective at cutting in from wide areas. Combine this with his electrifying pace and you have a player that would be a defender’s nightmare.

But what makes the young Dortumunder such an outstanding prospect is his selflessness. He is willing to do the dirty work that so many bright youngsters fail to recognise and he is willing to pass when a better option is available.

The one thing that will strike you when you see Reus is his slight figure. It provides him with the agility and balance to get away from tackles but sometimes results in him being knocked off the ball easily by big burly centre-backs.

Nonetheless, his work ethic along with his mature mentality more than make up for his lack of physical presence and are exactly what is required for Reus to make it at the highest level.

Gladbach sporting director Max Eberl, it seems, would like Reus to make it for one of Europe’s elite, but not at Bayern Munich.

"Marco is young, talented, and a national team player, but must every such player move to Bayern? There are in Schlaudraff, Jansen and Podolski plenty of players who have failed there," he said.

The Bavarians have maintained a strong interest in the German since he hit 12 goals for Gladbach last season but, despite speculation during the summer, did not make a bid for him.

One man who will not want him to be moving on though is Gladbach coach Lucien Favre, yet the 54 year-old has been realistic on the situation surrounding Reus.

“He needs a basis to perfect his game, he has that here with Borussia and Marco can become more complete here. He knows that and this is also what he wants,” said Favre to the Bild newspaper.

Unlike a Rolls-Royce, Marco Reus is affordable. The former Rot Weiss Ahlen man has a reported buy-out clause of £15 million – a figure that is peanuts to a club like Manchester City.

I think it’s pretty safe to say, a bid will definitely be coming Gladbach’s way in January.

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