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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Season 2, Episode 3 - Comeback Manager Super Super Sunday

The international break sees NPLP discuss the fortunes of the home nations (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Irleand and Republic of Ireland).

The show welcomes on Rupert Fryer (follow him on Twitter @Rupert_Fryer) who is the co-founder of Southamericanfootball.co.uk and has had work published for The Guardian and football magazine The Blizzard, to chat about the World Cup Qualifiers played out in South America.

The Premier League returns this weekend and the boys have a look at some of the intriguing fixtures that lie ahead.

Find out who wins Reeder’s Teasers – a game based upon categories and their unique answers.

There’s also a top five about the most shocking game postponements. Remember to send us your e-mails to: notpremierleagueproven@hotmail.co.uk

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